Confidence Masterclass

Feeling stuck?  Do you wish that YOU could be more confident? Take advantage of this free class that will help you get the confidence ball rolling in your life. This class is self led. Complete it in one sitting, or over the course of a few days.  You will learn the basics of true confidence, what it is, what it isn’t, and some easy things you can start doing today to foster a more confident and healthy relationship with yourself. Confidence is only one Masterclass away! Click below for access to the online class and workbook.

Confidence Creator Course

This course is for the mom who is ready  to stop being at the affect of her life and start feeling in Control of it again. Over the course of 6 weeks you will be guided through 4 modules that are specifically designed to teach you what true confidence is actually made of, and give you the tools you need to not only learn the fundamentals, but actually start applying them to your life so that you can see real life changes to your life and confidence.

Private Coaching

Private coaching is my own personal favorite way to take some much needed time for myself amidst my daily challenges and struggles. Each session is an opportunity for ah ha moments, to be heard, learning, growth, and to consider life changing possibilities and challenge the beliefs that currently hold you back, keep you small or sabotage your confidence.  

Happy Clients

I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Laura. She has been able to take me to the next level in caring for my mental health and creating the life that I want for myself. I have read many books and worked to create positive thoughts in my life, but the techniques and skills I learned from Laura just clicked in my brain and created a way for me to apply previous and new learning. It's the piece of the puzzle I needed.
Coaching with Laura has been life changing for me. Before we met, I was trying to run my business in a way that had no impact on the lives of my children or my husband. Laura helped me see how exhausting this endeavor was and how miserable it was making me. She opened my eyes to the possibility that being a wife and a mother with a business might have an incredibly positive impact on my family. My feelings about my business have completely changed.
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