Hi! I’m Laura Dry

I’m a champion of Christ, life coach, wife, avid book listener, a sweet tooth, and busy mom of four.

"I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship."

Louisa May Alcott


Do you know that you’re meant to be a mom, but not always love it?


 I truly believe that my kids were sent to me and that I was chosen for them on purpose.

But motherhood isn’t always what I had dreamed it would be. In reality, motherhood can often feel like the most miserable job with little purpose, and zero reward. Do you feel like this sometimes?

I used to carry so much guilt because I knew that motherhood was a gift, yet I was not feeling joy and purpose in it. I desperately wanted to be a happy mom, but continually felt like I was failing at it. 

Six 6 years ago I was at an all-time low. I felt overwhelmed and full of anxiety all the time. I yelled at my kids more than I’d like to admit and I blamed everyone and everything else for how I was feeling. 


My marriage was suffering as my husband and I seemed to be stuck in the same old patterns.  I felt terrified.

At any moment my “everything is fine” facade could get blown, and everyone would see just how out of control I felt inside. This is NOT a fun space to be in. Can you relate?

I stayed stuck in that space for years while anxiously waiting to magically feel better.

All along the magic I was missing was CONFIDENCE.

My lack of confidence kept me from feeling the joy and purpose I desired and deserved.

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