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About me

I am a life and Confidence coach for overwhelmed, miserable moms who want to find their 'happy' again.

Hey Friend, I'm Laura. I am a busy mom of 4. I love the outdoors, sunshine, and the ocean. I enjoy all kinds of music, cozy socks and audible books.

I love being at home, gardening, cleaning, and beating my family at board games. (I’m not competitive at all!)

As a young mom I had everything I ever wanted. A wonderful husband, 4 beautiful kids, a house, all the things…. AND I was miserable. On the outside I pretended that everything was perfect, but on the inside I felt so much doubt and inadequacy. I lived in overwhelming guilt and shame for feeling miserable and being such a grumpy mom to my kids all the time. I was bored and so tired of feeling out of control and out of touch with the fun, happy person I had once been. I desperately needed something to change but had convinced myself that this was the life that I had chosen and it was the life I was stuck in…..
Thankfully I was sent a life line. That life line was a life coach. I didn’t know it at the time but my life was about to change in so many unimaginable ways. As I started applying the tools that my coach taught me, I noticed a shift in my emotions, my thinking and the way I was showing up for my life. 
I was no longer letting life happen to me. I had gained confidence to start creating the life I didn’t even think was possible.
My relationships were improving, my ability to trust myself and offer myself compassion started existing, and my relationship with Christ was flourishing at the center of it all.
Every area of my life has improved  and it all started inside my own mind, being open to think about my thinking, being willing to apply the tools and inviting Christ to help and teach me along the way. 

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Work with me

Let’s work together to create your best mom life.

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The Empowered Mom private coaching

This program is for you if:

  •  You are ready to shed the overwhelm, mom guilt, and anxiety and be a happier more engaged mom.
  • You want your motherhood to be more fun and enjoyable.
  • You want to take control of your negative self talk, stop worrying about what other people think, and be confident in YOU!
  • You do not yet have a regular self-care routine because there’s too much to do and not enough time as it is.
  •  You have a goal or dream for yourself that you fear or have a lot of anxiety about.
  • You wish you were better at managing all the things on your plate.
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The 30-day Confidence Challenge

What if you could noticeably increase your confidence in just 30 days? That’s just one month to a new and improved you. This program breaks confidence into a step-by-step daily process that’s easy and fun to follow. A weekly video, workbook, and mini coaching sessions as well as daily journal prompts and specialized exercises combine to make this program the perfect fit for anybody wanting to build a strong foundation of real lasting confidence. 

This program is a great first step if you are feeling stuck in one or more areas of your life.