Do you have hopes and dreams? Things you want to see or do before you die, goals you want to accomplish. Milestones you are working towards?

I know I do. 

I want to have chickens one day,

and a boat on a lake,

and there’s this person I dream about being one day too; my future self.

Having and knowing your goals and dreams for your future is the first step in achieving them so If you’ve got this part figured out celebrate it.

If you don’t yet, this is great news because this part is so fun.

There is a whole world of possibilities, and nothing really (other than you) to stop you from getting busy planning what you want yours to look like.

Step 2 is a little more work, it’s where we actually take our dreams and goals and start to put them into action.

It’s not going to be enough to just wish and hope that these dreams will come true.

Results are a direct reflection of our actions.

Sometimes I wish that my kids will just magically raise themselves into amazing humans who listen all the time and pick up after themselves. 

Still waiting for that to happen, so instead, I can take action, I can teach, love, and be an example.

Sometimes I hope that my next client will just appear out of nowhere, no effort required.

This has seemingly happened to me before, but only because I had forgotten about all the work and effort in the past that created momentum in my business.

So, I can continue to show up, share my messages, and serve my people.

Sometimes I wish that I could wake up feeling confident and happy every day without any of the negative stuff,

But then I remind myself that that isn’t real life. That is only possible in the movies. 

So instead, I can choose to be intentional, focus on my self-awareness, and pay attention to my thinking daily.

Dreams are just dreams without goals and goals are just good intentions without actions.

What have you done today to get you closer to the life you want to be living?

PS: Anyone else picturing the opening scene from My best friend’s wedding “Wishing and Hoping” Ani DiFranco. This song may or my not get stuck in your head. Your welcome!

 Are you trying to wish and hope into your future life? 

Do you want to start taking your future self a little bit more seriously?

What will it cost you if you continue to put your future off?

Let’s explore all of these questions together on a free Coaching Consult call.

Free Consult calls with me are 50 minutes long and they are the perfect way to jump start your life and get the momentum rolling from stuck to Start.

What are you waiting for?

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