Month: November 2021

Validation Creation

Us humans, we love validation. We love having even just one person agree or believe us because our brain is very busily seeking validation to know if we are right, that our choices are good choices, and above all that we are not wrong. Isn’t that the key? Don’t ever be wrong. We will avoid …

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Having enough time

Time felt so abundant when I was young and single and only taking care of me. It seemed like life was moving slowly. When I got married, time still seemed to move pretty slow. Then we had our first baby, second baby, third and fourth baby.  I added a lot to my life in a …

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A dirty little word

I recently heard failure being referred to as a “Dirty Word”. As in, why would we want to talk about failure or acknowledge it? The other day when we were walking the dog, my kids wanted to play two truths and a lie. They love this game! When it was my turn I racked my …

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