Month: November 2021

A Love letter to YOU

I was driving my husband’s car the other day. It’s new and I don’t drive it often so I don’t really have all the controls figured out. He had been listening to AM radio and I was trying to figure out how to get some music on as I drove… I was definitely practicing some …

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Wishing and hoping

Do you have hopes and dreams? Things you want to see or do before you die, goals you want to accomplish. Milestones you are working towards? I know I do.  I want to have chickens one day, and a boat on a lake, and there’s this person I dream about being one day too; my …

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What’s wrong with me?

Sometimes my clients come to me feeling a lot of shame. Shame because they think they need fixing. Shame because of some of their thoughts and feelings. Shame that they are failing. Shame that they aren’t happier when they ‘should’ be. Shame that they aren’t perfect and make mistakes. You can take out the shame …

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Stages and Phases

This summer while on a holiday at our family cabin we decided to spend the afternoon down by the lake.  While looking ahead to find an empty spot to set up camp on the beach, we passed two families with very young children.  There was a toddler on a potty completely naked reading a story. …

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I’m not excited

It’s back to school time. My kids are all set, they’ve got their supplies, new clothes and they are excited to see all the missed faces after the extended 5 month summer. But me, I’m not excited. Maybe this isn’t a big deal but compared to my normal it’s a bit off putting for me. …

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slide, waterslide, water-22519.jpg


A few years ago we were on a family vacation. There was a fun outdoor pool with a water-slide where we were staying. As we all enjoyed the water and the sunshine and the slide my one daughter told my husband that she would not be going down the slide. Like any parent would, he …

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Why should I be nice?

Have you ever tried to be ‘Nice’ to someone, only to find yourself feeling rejected instead? Something like this happened with my two oldest daughters this week.  They are getting to the age where certain things are starting to really matter. Life or death things like clothes, privacy, phones, and friends!!! The older they get …

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How to be more resilient

When I think of the word resilient I picture in my mind a freshly waxed windshield being pelted with a ferocious rainstorm. The water doesn’t even stick. It just rolls right off. It’s as if the windshield isn’t even being touched. Life’s rainstorms can come in many forms, but they will likely all fall into …

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