“You’re making this NO FUN.”

On numerous occasions this summer my daughter told me “Mom, you are taking all the fun out of this.” 

On one of these occasions I was leading a bike ride and instead of heading in the direction that had the really nice long decline to ride down, I told everyone to follow me because we were going to go a different way that had more of an incline.

My daughter was quite certain that the bike ride I was taking her on was no longer FUN and she let me know it!

I see where she was coming from, inclines are hard work. They are not my favorite either, but I knew that at the end of the incline we would find a river and a forest pathway and an amazing view that we would not have experienced had we gone the way she had wanted to go.

When my kids tell me I’m not being fun, or I’m making things no fun, or that I’m taking all the fun out of something I love to remind them that nothing is fun. We make things FUN.

If there was a proven Fun list it would mean that everyone on the planet would agree that skydiving and puzzles and baking were fun. But just because one person had fun doing one or all of these things once doesn’t mean it’s going to be fun for everyone.

Have you ever been doing something that has been fun in the past but this time it’s anything but fun?

This is evidence in itself that the thing was and never will be fun but you just made it fun.

Depending on what the thing is our brains decide pretty fast whether we think something is fun or not.

There are many things as a Mom over the years that I decided were no fun and as a result I showed up in a pretty miserable way.

This made fun next to impossible but only because I had decided it.

I love having FUN and it’s so empowering to know that when I am having FUN I am creating it. 

Likewise when I am not having fun that is also created by me.

This means that FUN is always available to me and I could choose to create more of it if I wanted to.

You can’t take the fun out of anything but you can make anything fun.

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