What’s wrong with me?

Sometimes my clients come to me feeling a lot of shame.

Shame because they think they need fixing.

Shame because of some of their thoughts and feelings.

Shame that they are failing.

Shame that they aren’t happier when they ‘should’ be.

Shame that they aren’t perfect and make mistakes.

You can take out the shame and replace it with any emotion. Guilt, fear, defeat, frustration or whatever it is for you today.

Whatever the feeling I always remind my clients that their emotions are not just happening to them because they are doing something wrong in their life.

Our thinking is what creates our feelings and thinking is NOT wrong!

We have a thought and that thought illicit’s a certain emotion or vibration in our body when we think it.


I like to point this out because it takes the blame away from ourselves. 

When you are feeling negative emotions it’s not because anything is wrong with you.

Our negative emotions are only affecting us because we are human.

No one gets to experience this life without them.

It’s actually all going RIGHT.

When I separate my feelings from me as an individual and see them as a vibration created by my thoughts I don’t feel so trapped by them.

I don’t define myself and my life by my feelings anymore.

I live knowing that an awesome life can be created despite them.

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