Trim the fat

A few weeks ago, I was venting to my husband about all the things that I was feeling overwhelmed with that day.

He listened quietly, and then when I was finished spitting out my whirlwind of crazy, he rattled off the most amazing advice to me.

He said “Laura, Maybe it’s time you trimmed the fat.”

I’m not going to lie my first reaction was to look at myself in our giant bathroom mirror where we were and feel totally bothered by what he had said.

“Are you calling me fat?”

And of course this was not what he was saying.

What he was trying to tell me can be explained with these two questions:

  1. What are your top 3 priorities right now
  2. Is there anything that can be let go from your life

I thought about this and came up with a list of things that he could do for me that would make my life easier! He didn’t love this idea haha.

He gave me his list.

He thought I could question the time consuming meals I prepare followed by the hour long family sit down dinner we have almost every night.

He thought that we could be better at sharing the household responsibilities with the kids

He thought that I could re-evaluate some of my goals and even one of my hobbies to see where I could simplify.

I really appreciated his ideas.

This idea of trimming the fat and the two questions from above led me to re-evaluate some of the things in my life.

It also widened my perspective and opened my mind to allow me to make one small change that has made a really big impact on my life and my overwhelm.

I want to be clear that changing my circumstance was not what made the difference for me here. I know this because I could very well choose now to feel even more overwhelm about letting go of something in my life and make that mean that I am inadequate.

What made the difference was the change in my thinking about what is absolutely necessary for me right now and what is not.

End of story.

From there I made an intentional decision to trim a little piece of the fat.

In our home, weekends are now reserved for long sit down family dinners.

In what areas of your life could you open up your mind to change and trim some fat? 

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