Oh no, they don’t like me…

There have been so many times in my life where I have shown up to the party, given my all, and tried my very hardest, and people have been less than impressed with me.

My response to that used to be an immediate flood of shame and embarrassment.

I would throw myself a pity party and spiral into more painful thoughts about how I wasn’t good enough.

When I was done crying about it I would put together a plan. This plan was to do everything I could possibly think of to make this un-interested person like me.

This was always so exhausting and rarely made me feel better.

Do you know what I discovered that makes me feel better now?

It’s not anything I do differently or a secret scent I spray on myself in the morning.

The secret is just 4 little words.

“I’m not for everyone.”

It’s ok if someone out there doesn’t like me.

It’s ok if my ideas at work aren’t validated.

It’s ok if someone thinks I’m doing this parenting thing all wrong.

It’s ok if I don’t get invited.

It’s all ok because honestly, every single person out there isn’t going to be for me either. 

When we truly believe this we can get busy living the life we choose instead of living the one that we think will make us more likeable, validated and comfortable.

Do you know what’s actually uncomfortable?

Hiding the real you just in case someone decides they aren’t interested.

Hiding YOU and all the things that make you amazing to avoid feeling bad is not your only option.

You are not for everyone and I promise you that’s ok.

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