I talk to myself and so do you…

Every day there is a silent dialogue going on in your brain. Your subconscious brain is talking to you, whether you like it or not. 

Our brains are so advanced that we don’t even have to lift a finger to turn the dialogue on. It just turns on automatically.

At the end of the day, we don’t have to remember to turn the dialogue off because that is also automatic. 

I should point out that the brain does have slight malfunctions from time to time. This usually means our brains decide they are not going to turn off automatically and in this case, we might lay awake wishing we had access to the power cord so we could just get to sleep. 

I hear counting sheep is a helpful alternative!

I want you to think about today. Do you know what was playing in your brain? Can you think of five things you told yourself? 

Maybe you got up in the morning and looked in the mirror. At first glance what were you thinking about you? Was it “Hello Beautiful” or “Look at all my wrinkles”

Maybe you had a presentation at work. Were you telling yourself  “I am prepared, I’ve got this, or was it something like “I’m going to mess up”

Maybe you have some goals for the new year to lose some weight. Are you looking at yourself thinking  “I will never be able to lose the weight.” or were you kind to yourself by offering encouragement?

The truth is that most of us are saying the most unimaginable things to ourselves daily and on repeat. What we are telling ourselves matters. 

How often has pointing out negatives to someone produced a positive? For some reason, we think that by beating ourselves up it will magically drive this motivation in us to try harder or be better or stick to our plan.

We are kidding ourselves. This idea that getting where we want to by gritting our teeth and tough love does not produce the results we think it will.

The outcomes we see in our lives are always a direct reflection of that silent little voice in our heads. 

To make a difference we can start with thinking about our thinking. 

What did you tell yourself today? 

If you are someone who is asking yourself “How do I start thinking about my thinking?” You are in the right place.

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