I didn’t get six-pack abs

I remember when my husband told me that he used to have a six-pack. 

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t know him then!!

It was back when he was in high school and he was on a water polo team. 

I have never played water polo but I do know that you have to be really good at treading water to be any good at the game.

Treading water just happens to be a really great workout, hence my husband’s late six-pack abs.”

The funny thing is I used to tread water A LOT only I have never had six-pack abs…rip-off!!!

The difference was… I was treading water in my life, not in a pool.

Instead of six-pack abs, I got anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion, self-pity, and a whole lot of self-doubt to carry around.

I carried it silently.

I was silently suffering every day.

I was being a Mom to my four kids, I was working, I was trying to be a good wife, and also fulfill all my other commitments and obligations. 

From the outside, I might have seemed like I had things together.

From the inside, I was drowning.

The feelings I was experiencing consumed me.

I remember at one point being so afraid that I was going to break down and have everything I was so carefully hiding, spill out for the whole world to see. I was so fearful of the judgments of others. I didn’t want anyone’s pity and I certainly didn’t think I could handle anybody snickering behind my back.

Life was not fun or purposeful.  

I avoided happy people.

Happy people forced me to face the question I was already thinking to myself:

“What was wrong with me?”

I was so filled with anxiety that I could not fathom not feeling it.

I went on like this for so long.

Too long. 

The moment I decided to ask for help was both terrifying and liberating.

Just admitting to myself that I couldn’t and didn’t have to face this alone, and realizing that there wasn’t anything wrong with me, was a huge shift for me.

From there the whole trajectory of my life changed.

I am still a work in progress. I believe we all are for the duration of our lives.

The difference for me now is that when I have those days where I feel like I am treading water I dry myself off and continue moving forward, learning and progressing my way to the next day because I now have the tools.

You can change the trajectory of your life too. 

I teach Moms the tools they need to stop drowning and start living.

I know these tools work because I am living proof.

If you are silently suffering, reach out. 

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