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How to be more resilient

When I think of the word resilient I picture in my mind a freshly waxed windshield being pelted with a ferocious rainstorm. The water doesn’t even stick. It just rolls right off. It’s as if the windshield isn’t even being touched.

Life’s rainstorms can come in many forms, but they will likely all fall into one of these categories: Tragedy, Trauma, Adversity or Stress.

There is nobody I know that doesn’t have something going on in at-least one of these categories. 

We all face personal trials. We are not immune to the suffering that tragedy brings. We experience lots of different traumas, and I think it goes without saying that stress is a huge factor in our daily lives.

So, how equipped are you to handle and adapt to the things that life throws at you?

How resilient are you?

The thing is, there isn’t a formula that can actually measure resilience. 

Resilience is something that is personal to each unique individual and as a result looks different for each of us. 

What I can tell you though, is that resilience is like kindness, you can never have too much in your life.

If you want more I recommend evaluating your life using the 4 following components:

Connection, Self-Care, Purpose and Thinking.

Connection is established through our relationships with others. When we have strong relationships in our lives we have a fortress around us. We have support and built in strength when we are lacking our own.

Self-Care is something that we are hearing more about lately. This is not just a fad or the in-thing. Taking time to take care of your own needs makes you better able to show up in your relationships with others and for yourself. 

When you have your own purpose, you have a reason to wake up in the morning. Finding the thing that excites you and keeps you motivated can fuel you no matter your circumstances. 

Lastly but certainly not least is thinking about your thinking. Being aware of the things that are going on in your brain gives you control over how you feel and ultimately the things you decide to do and not do each and every day. Some of your greatest power lives inside your own brain.

 Prepare now by taking your own inventory of these four areas of your life.

More resilience can make all the difference when you are weathering one of life’s storms.

Once you have taken your personal inventory of where you’re at.. what’s next?

Do you want to work on some of these areas in your own life but don’t know where to start?

Does it feel impossible to find the time for self-care?

Are you overwhelmed thinking about planning ahead or setting goals for your future?

These are common struggles that my clients bring to me often.

Let’s talk about it on a free coaching call.

I can help you eliminate the overwhelm that just thinking about these things brings for you and replace it with a solid plan of action to help you acquire the resilience you need.

Book your session with me below to learn more.

PS: You don’t need to come to the session with anything prepared. I will do all the work! No more excuses. Let’s go.

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