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Having enough time

Time felt so abundant when I was young and single and only taking care of me.

It seemed like life was moving slowly.

When I got married, time still seemed to move pretty slow.

Then we had our first baby, second baby, third and fourth baby. 

I added a lot to my life in a 7-year span. 

I went back to working from home 6-weeks postpartum with each one of them. I was up lots in the night and when morning came I was open for business sleep or no sleep.

I’m not going to lie, being a Mom and working…. Not the easiest thing I have ever done.

All of a sudden time seemed to be moving at lightning speed. There never seemed to be enough and I was desperate for more of it.

I wanted more time for sleep, more time on the weekends to relax, more alone time and more time to run errands and do fun family stuff. 

It seemed to me that my kids and my job and many of my other responsibilities were eating up all of my time. There just wasn’t enough anymore.

Sure, my life had changed and there was certainly more going on, but does that really mean I didn’t have enough time? 

I sure thought it did.

When I realized that the number of hours in my day was actually exactly the same as my single days…. lightbulb.

When I learned that things happening or not happening around me were NOT creating my urgency, panic, frustration, or scarcity around time…. gamechanger.

Whenever the sneaky little thought “I don’t have enough time” tries to ride shotgun with me I send it to the backseat.

I like to replace that thought instead with something much more helpful.

  • There is always enough time
  • Time doesn’t create success, my thinking does
  • I choose how I spend my time
  • I want to spend my time doing _________
  • I get to choose what I believe about time
  • I have just enough time
  • Time is a tool that helps me
  • I don’t need more time to feel better I need better thinking to feel good about my time.

The next time you tell yourself that there’s just not enough time, go ahead and send that thought to the backseat of you want to. 

I bet that you will discover that SO MUCH MORE TIME will become available to you as a result.

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