Enough with the negativity

This week I had an Ah-ha moment.

I have these often when I am in a coaching session. A hidden piece of my mind becomes exposed and magnified so I can’t help but see it.

I realized that in one of my relationships I was lost in negative land and it was almost to the point of no return.

I had convinced myself that anything positive really did not or could not exist where this person was concerned.

I was gently reminded that everything in life is 50/50.

 I felt like I was experiencing more of a 90/10 situation.  I was unable or closed off to seeing or looking for anything positive.

What we look for we find, and I was only looking for negative.

Here’s the thing that stung me…

Just because I couldn’t see the positives did not mean there wasn’t any, they were there all along and I just couldn’t or wouldn’t see them.

Allowing myself to see the positive side does not mean that I surrender to negative behavior or forget about boundaries, it just means that I get to live with a lot less negativity and I create a lot less resistance in my relationship. 

In short, I get to feel the effects of having more positivity and an all-access pass to the beauty of a true 50/50 life.

The good with the bad

The pleasure with the pain

The positive with the negative.

To my surprise and pleasure trading in my negativity has led to more love, acceptance, and patience.

Looking for the positives has been magical. When you look you find. 

I am finding 50% more!

You can too.

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