Being busy

In today’s world, we have so many ways to keep ourselves ‘Busy’.

Busy seems productive, hard working and necessary.

Lately, I have been trying to catch myself when I use this term.

What is being ‘Busy’ anyways?

I find that often times when we use the term ‘busy’ it brings up negative limiting feelings.

It looks like:

I can’t go the the event because I am too busy

I am to busy to be more present for my family.

Balance sounds nice but I’m too busy for that.

I won’t be able to make it to that thing because our kids are so busy with their activities.

We’re too busy, I’m too busy.

We are believing that busy is a problem. We think that everything would be perfect if we weren’t so busy all the time. And then our list of responsibilities to blame for the busyness follows.

These beliefs about being busy create feelings of stress, guilt, and panic.

Do you know what follows that?

We get even busier. We get to work in our heads being busy worrying, second-guessing, resenting, and resisting reality.

Having more or less things to do isn’t what makes us feel more or less busy.

What we are thinking about our To-Do list, our workload, or our responsibilities is what creates that.

You get to choose what you will think about all of it.

You could decide instead that:

You actually could go to that event,  but instead you are choosing a different option today.

Being present is totally an option that is readily available to you at any time.

Balance does not come from being less busy.

You love being a family that chooses to spend time doing extracurricular activities.

Choose a belief about being ‘Busy’ that serves you.

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