There have never been FUN band-aids at my house.

When at the drug store my kids oogle over the endless selection on the shelves.

Paw Patrol, Spiderman, Barbie, Hello Kitty and these are just a few. If your kids watch it on Netlfix, you bet you can get it on a band aid.

In my experience with children I have found that fun band-aids, increase the probability that I will have to deal with pretend injuries.

Pretend injuries can end up costing as much as diapers if you aren’t careful!! (Well not really, but I have 4 kids so that’s a lot of band-aids.)

I have also found that band-aids are like the weather where I live… Changing it’s mind ten times a day. It’s rainy and then sunny and then thundering and then sunny and then hailing and then snowing.. all in one day.

This is just like kids. They get an owie, they need a band-aid. Then 20 minutes later it’s all better and the band-aid is off and I find it stuck to the carpet. An hour later the owie is back with a vengeance and they need another band-aid.

Sound familiar??

There are strict rules for acquiring a band-aid in my house, and our band-aids are the boring ole’ really sticky kind!!

If there is a lot of blood involved, then you might qualify.

If there is a deep paper cut on an important finger then this also may qualify.

I do believe that band-aids serve an amazing purpose. They are an amazing tool to help our bodies deal with a cut or a scrape.

They protect our skin by preventing infection.

Throughout our lives I think it’s safe to say that we all use band-aids.

Perhaps the sticky kind but I also want you to consider when and how you are opting for the ‘FUN’ Band-Aids in your life.

Shopping might be a band-aid for feeling bored or lonely.

Eating might be a band aid for stress or to escape shame.

Yelling or anger might be a band-aid for underlying pain or trauma.

Hiding in your room watching Netflix all day might be a band-aid for failure.

These band-aids don’t hold up, they fall off and they lose their effect so quickly.

At times these quick fixes are exactly what we need, just like protecting a cut or a scrape so it can heal. We might just need a night to ourselves to watch Netflix as a reset or a way to unwind, protecting ourselves from overwhelm or burnout.

But, what I see most often are band-aids that are being used to cover up a more serious ailment that we want to avoid dealing with.

It’s the boredom, the shame, the trauma and the fails that need to be addressed.

The yelling, the eating, the hiding and the shopping are all just the symptoms or side effects.

For all my real life ailments I have an amazing Doctor.

For all the other symptoms going on in my life I have an amazing life coach.

My life coach helps me to uncover my band-aids, because most of the time I don’t even realize they are there. 

She accepts me with open arms just as I am every week. I know that I can live a good life with the band-aids.

But when I am ready to find them and pull them off, she is right there to support me in my desire to change and become an even better me.

Do you have a life coach?

I would be honored to be yours.

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