Back to normal

When my kids and I are outside this time of year, I am always reminding them to watch out for the mud. 

Mud is so messy and I am not super fond of messes.

I especially love (NOT) when our dog has the whole clear sidewalk to himself but still prefers to sink his paws and half his leg into the one muddy patch that I pass by.

With everything that is going on the world right now, it is easy to feel like you’re knee deep in mud.

With so much uncertainty, you may be suffering with an extra layer of anxiety, stress and worry. 

Maybe you aren’t working, yet you still have bills to pay.

Perhaps your business is slow and you don’t like being unable to predict what’s ahead.

You are struggling to manage working from home while entertaining your kids at the same time.

Homeschooling is a steep learning curve for you.

Whatever your current circumstances, your brain wants answers. You want to know how long social distancing is going to last, and when your life is going to return back to ‘NORMAL’.

Because you don’t have any  answers yet, your brain is coming up with it’s own. This is where so much of your fear, worry and anxiety is coming from. 

When you are feeling these emotions, the results in your life are most likely not the ones you want. Things seem confusing, muddled and unclear. You are stuck in the mud. It’s sticky and messy. 

 You can’t wait for this to all be over so that you can feel better. 

When that day finally comes,  then you will be able to handle the kids better right? 

When this is all behind you then you will be able to regain focus on your work or your business goals. 

When this is all over, then you will be able to start LIVING your life.

The truth is that you ARE living your life right now. 

How would you like to be spending this time and how do you want to feel as you spend it??

You CAN be happy right now.

No matter what, you get to choose how you want to feel and how you will show up for your life.

Time in isolation or the Corona Virus does not control you.

YOU control you.  

When you choose to accept the mud you will notice that it quickly dries up and falls off your shoes. 

You will walk lighter and be able to step FORWARD into your future of possibility instead of looking back and waiting for the life you had.

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