Are you feeling confused?

Recently I noticed a lot of confusion in my life. In fact, confusion was acting like my new BEST FRIEND.

It was telling me that I wasn’t sure what my kids homeschooling schedule should look like.

It was telling me that I didn’t know how to discipline one of my children.

It was telling me that I couldn’t decide what my biggest priorities were going to be for the week.

Confusion was making me oh so CONFUSED!

When we are confused making even the littlest of decisions and getting stuff DONE is next to impossible. Not to mention the way confusion obliterates any and all confidence.

Before I acknowledged my super annoying tag along, I started my day totally unaware that I was attempting the impossible. 

 I was spinning and stuck. By the end of the day I was still confused but now it came with a side of overwhelm and regret. 

Fun right.

At our core we just want to be happy, we want to feel better and be productive. Why on Earth then would we choose CONFUSION??

 Confusion is the natural choice we make from believing that we don’t know the answer or we aren’t sure what decision to make.   

When we tell ourselves “I don’t know” or I’m not sure what to do. THIS IS ALWAYS A LIE.

It’s a lie because we ALWAYS know the answer and we are kidding ourselves if we think we can’t make a decision. 

Here’s the TRUTH:  

By staying confused we get to AVOID anything negative or uncomfortable that might come as a result of the decisions we make.

So basically we are trading the idea of something uncomfortable in the future maybe, for being stuck and miserable right now. 

I don’t like either of these options so here’s a third better option…

Decide that you are not confused at all. Decide that whatever decision you make it will be the right one. Have your own back and own your own humanness.  

This option will get you moving forward faster than you ever thought possible. 

The moment I decided that confusion wasn’t an option I opened myself up to the ability I did have to make the homeschooling schedule. 

I had the confidence I needed to discipline my child in the way that I chose was best,  and instead of overwhelm and confusion being my biggest priority for the week, I decided to choose action. 

You can too!

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