A Love letter to YOU

I was driving my husband’s car the other day. It’s new and I don’t drive it often so I don’t really have all the controls figured out.

He had been listening to AM radio and I was trying to figure out how to get some music on as I drove… I was definitely practicing some distracted driving.

I finally stumbled on an FM radio station after pressing every icon on the screen. The station happened to be country.

Country music is not my first choice, but it was better than talk radio or being distracted from driving any longer so I settled with it.

As I ran my errands and made my way back home a song came on. 

It said something to the effect of “Most moms should be considered saints.”

I thought to myself “Huh…. yeah most moms SHOULD be considered saints”.

Then my brain was on fire with all the reasons why…..

And I should say, many of these are reasons that we choose to discard, forget or downplay on the regular.

Dear Mom,

The next time you are feeling inadequate, defeated, or insecure I want you to remember one or more of these amazing accomplishments that apply to you:

  • If you are a Mom from natural childbirth, you grew a human. Maybe even two or three or more. That in itself and the many sacrifices you endured during pregnancy are so remarkable. 
  • Let’s talk birth ladies. That baby has to come out eventually and that job is no picnic.  You did that. 
  • The packing, the planning, the scheduling, the doctor visits, the laundry, the vomit, the other messes that children make. You have done it all and many times you’ve done it sleep- deprived.
  • You ensure that your family gets fed and that their basic needs are cared for in some way or another.. even if it’s a drive-through. Celebrate the thankless parts of motherhood.
  • You love them fiercely even when they give you every reason not to. 
  • You love them fiercely regardless of whether you are their primary caregiver.
  • You are cook, maid, taxi-driver, cruise director, art and crafts specialist, confidante, police officer, worrywart, nurse, teacher… the list could literally go on and on. 
  • You might have a side hustle or a full-time second job other than mom outside of the home. This is not small stuff.
  • You are a mom who actively pursues opportunities to better yourself, learn, and show up. If this wasn’t true you wouldn’t be reading this message.

I am not at all saying that we walk around acting like we are somehow superior or better than others because we can tick these boxes.

What I want to shed some light on is the truth that we inadvertently punch ourselves in the face when we are discounting all the amazing things we HAVE accomplished, withstood and sacrificed as a mom.

Any of these things are worth feeling confident, secure and so darn accomplished about.

Allow yourself to see you through different eyes.

Because YOU are a saint.

If I believe it about you, then there’s nothing that says you can’t too.

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