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When it’s somebody’s birthday we celebrate them. We throw a party, we buy them presents, we eat cake. 

They didn’t have to get a big promotion, pass a test, get the new job or a giant raise in order for us to blow up the balloons. We celebrate them because they were born period.

Something else we like to do is celebrate big accomplishments and milestones. 

These accomplishments are generally easy for us to recognize and celebrate because they are validated by others and they are measurable.   

But what about the little accomplishments that we make every single day? The things nobody else sees, the small tasks done that are building up to those big accomplishments and milestones. 

These are also more than worthy of celebration.

But these are also often overlooked.

Recently in our extended family we celebrated a 70th wedding anniversary. As I reflected on this accomplishment it got me thinking about all of the many small wins that inevitably amounted to this amazing milestone. 

Whether we celebrate them or not daily wins are there.  

As a Mom can you turn your never ending to do list into a list of accomplishments to celebrate?

When you are looking for reasons to celebrate it benefits you with greater confidence, a more positive attitude and motivation to keep on going when life is hard. 

These wins do not have to be big and flashy in order to give yourself a little credit, a way to go or a good job!

Make the smallest thing something worth celebrating today. 

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