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Do you want to feel 50% less CRAZY?

You know what I mean right!?

I used to say this to myself all the time, “I feel like a crazy person.”

The demands on you are pulling you here, there and everywhere.

You are tired of being the grumpy Mom, the controlling wife and the stressed out crazy person.

Your kids need you, the house is a mess, you forgot about that appointment you waited 2 months for. 

All of the stress at home makes focusing at work seem impossible. 

When you are at home, all you can think about is work.

Was the job I did good enough? I wonder what my coworkers are thinking about me. 

You want to be more present in all areas of your life but you are drowning instead.

There isn’t enough time in the day to get all the TO-DO’s crossed off your list, and your social life has no life.

You are never in the mood for fun and you are starting to think that fun isn’t even a possibility for you.

If you had two hours to spend doing something you love you’d probably waste that time worrying that you aren’t using the time wisely enough, because second guessing yourself is your normal.

Something needs to change. .

The ratio of good days to not so good days feels completely out of WHACK…

There is no balance between Work and this other thing called life. They seem one in the same.

You just want to feel better, back to your normal self, before babies and mortgages and responsibility.

Maybe if you changed jobs or moved to a new city then things would get better.

If your spouse would just be more understanding and help out more with the kids so some of this weight could lift off.

If you didn’t have to be responsible for EVERYTHING all the time, then you could just breathe and allow yourself to have fun and enjoy the little moments in life that everyone else seems to be enjoying.

If you want to start enjoying your life again I invite you to join my Mommy Mastermind.

In 8 weeks I help Working Mom’s just like you cut their crazy in half. That’s 50% less stress. 50% less guilt, 50% less overwhelm.

50% less CRAZY

Stop drowning in it all and start living. 

RELIEF is available.

My next mommy mastermind starts in June and you’ve got nothing to lose but the crazy.

Click below to schedule a free mini coaching session with yours truly! I can’t wait to meet you.