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There’s so much to do and so little time. You have too many responsibilities. Your to-do list never ends. Your spouse isn’t much help.  You’re burnt-out.  There is never any time left for you. You are feeling so lost in your motherhood.



You just can’t do it all. You worry about screwing up your kids? You will never get out from under the weight you feel. It’s all too much for you. Your not doing enough. You’re not enough. Your life used to be fun and you used to be fun. What happened?


Lack of motivation

This is so hard. You just can’t do it like this anymore. Life would be so much easier if things were different. Your tired of the same old problems. Nothing is going to work anyways. Everyone is watching and waiting for you to fail.



You’re not cut out for this. Everyone else is far more capable than you are. You never measure up. You will never be good enough. Who are you to think you can do this? You are always doing it all wrong. You have always been a little bit less capable than others.

How can I help you live your best mom life?

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The 30-Day Confidence Challenge.

You will learn the basics of building confidence and receive support as you apply what you are learning to your life for 30 whole days. Weekly coaching and daily prompts and exercises will guide you every step of the way.

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The Empowered Mom

This is my signature one-on-one coaching program. The empowered mom is a private 12-week program that is tailored to you wherever you are on your confidence journey. We will address your limiting beliefs, learn how to use your feelings for you instead of against you, set goals and priorities to strengthen self trust, build a rock solid foundational relationship with yourself, learn how to get more done and be more organized and intentional in your life. 

Get ready to create your best most empowered self without sacrificing your most important relationships. 

"The world needs confident moms."

Laura Dry

About me

I am a certified life and weight coach.

I specialize in empowering moms to live their best lives. I am passionate about helping women 10x their confidence in themselves, their capabilities and in their futures so that they can navigate through the noise and distractions in their lives with ease. Empowered moms live amazing lives! This is more than available to you too.

Happy Clients

“For things to change you’ve gotta change. For things to get better you’ve gotta get better.”

-Jim Rohn

Working with Laura has been a really helpful reset for me - I was struggling to balance a promotion (imposter syndrome!), parenting a toddler, being present in my relationships, and finding motivation for fitness and hobbies. Laura helped me identify where I was getting stuck, helped me find that inner momentum to plan for change, and gave me really helpful mental models to help align my thoughts, feelings and actions to create outcomes that would benefit me. The result is that I’m so much more calm and centered, which is resulting in far more motivation and productivity. Everything seems less overwhelming, and I'm really grateful I had the opportunity to build some new habits with Laura's help.
Recent events over the last few months and recent days have definitely taken there toll on my emotional and physical well being. I retreated into my mind during a quiet moment recently and remembered some very important notes I took during our coaching sessions. I still have some work to do, but I am thankful for what you have shown me.”
I am the furthest thing from a working mom but I wanted to say that Laura has been coaching me for the past six months. Laura has helped me see through the chaos that my mind likes to throw at me from time to time. I have had many major breakthroughs with negative self talk, the blame game and overwhelm and life decisions. If you are considering a life coach I would recommend Laura. SHe will help you see the areas in your life that could use tweaking and give you a model by which you can improve many aspects of your life. It has been a game changer for me and I am sure it can and will help you too

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